Woofer Books – Rhyming Kids Book Series

W is for Woofer KINDLE EDITION (Woofer Book Series for Kids)
“W is for waltzing at a wedding rendez-vous, for wading in the water, and for whortleberry stew.”

Colorful illustrations and whimsical words celebrate the wonderful sound and words associated with one of the last letters of the alphabet. Perfect for children learning how to read and kids learning alphabet letters.

Woofer Works Out KINDLE EDITION (Woofer Book Series for Kids)
Colorful illustrations and rhyming words are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle at a young age and encourage kids to keep fit and active all year long.

“After school, my friends and I, we like to shoot some hoops
or play a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk or front stoop.”

“When it is warm the pool is cool to go in for a swim.
And bowling is a blast when the weather keeps you in.”